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Rugged 60k

Stunning views, beautiful farms, class 4 adventures, and more. This ride has pretty much everything. It will challenge, but not beat you, reward, but not haunt. Lots of climbing, but some great descents. Hit all the highlight ridges of Cabot including Cabot Plains, Bailey Hazen, Urban, Last Road, Thistle Hill and Whittier. You are gonna burn some calories for sure but you will be distracted by the incredible scenery and adventure.

While this ride is a mix of mostly paved and well-maintained dirt roads, there are some short, more rustic sections over class 4 roads and paths. With the amount of climbing, much of it on dirt, we suggest something a little more rugged and comfortable than your typical 11lb road bike. All riders should be prepared for a slightly more elevated physical challenge and allow 3-5 hours depending on pace, fitness and personal choice.

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