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Warped 100k

The 100K ride is a challenging and classic adventure ride that combines some of the favorite ridges and climbs of Cabot, along with a tour of a special set of roads. The experience is guaranteed to reward.  This ride is not for the faint of heart, but it's worth all the effort. 

Although this ride is 100K in length, you should treat it and prepare for it much like a classic 100 mile road ride. The combination of mostly dirt roads, and the constant up and down terrain of Vermont will take it's toll. Even advanced and highly fit riders would be challenged to best this course in under 5 hours. And this isn't a race. It's an adventure. Plan at least 6, allow 7 or 8.
Cross, hybrid or mountain bike highly recommended. It is possible on a road bike, but not likely to be comfortable. If riding a road bike, we advise no less than a 25cm tire width. While there are no extended overly technical sections, there are a few places where many riders may opt to get off and walk a short distance. There is no shame in this, it's smart.
Note this ride will also have a mandatory cut off time through the aid station in Peacham. The time and exact location is TBD. Please stay tuned here for more information.

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